Weinberg King State Park

Weinberg-King State Fish and Wildlife Area is an area of rolling hills with a meandering creek in western Illinois. The 772-acre site, including a 4-acre pond, is located in Schuyler County, 3 miles east of Augusta north of Route 101. 
Mrs. Gertrude K. Allen presented a deed for about 500 acres of what is now Weinberg-King SFWA land to the State of Illinois in May 1968. An additional 295 acres were later purchased by the Department of Natural Resources to expand the site.

In the equestrian area, there is a class B/E campground open to equestrian campers. The campground has 19 electrical hook-ups and pads. There is also a non-electric Class C campground available for all other non-equestrian campers.
Weinberg King State Park Address:
P.O. Box 203
Augusta IL 62311
Website link:  Weinberg King State Park